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  • The car boot on May 2nd was a big success but we had a few that did not want to pay car park charges of 50p to the Council. I have had a word with The dept concerned and they have kindly let me bring buyers cars into the arena to park. However I will be charging 20p per car as that will all help to our funds and the community. This is cheaper than Ashley Heath. Surely you will not begrudge that little amount.

  • 19/03/2004....I have been so busy lately I have had no time to keep this up to date but here goes. Our latest money raising venture is a CarBoot in the Christchurch Arena on May 2nd and once a month till Sept. Room for 100 cars so no need to book and it should be good. We are in serious need of more members for the Residents association. Whats up with you lot, do you only get out of the chair for your own gripe. What we do is for you the community so come on lets have a little interest, as it helps you in the end. Sermon over.

  • 30/01/2004 I have just finished a large form to send of to see if we cant get a grant for a couple of Community Notice Boards. What a job that was. What annoys me though is we have to get an Advertising application in to the Council. At 60 per board..... I am not even gonna say anything. I will leave the comments to you

  • 21/01/2004  We had a good turnout to the last meeting but the same thing keeps cropping up I have noticed and that is the lack of information as to how things are handled at THA. IE: The maintenance crews seem to come when they feel like it and don`t phone prior to comming and messages to THA seem to get lost or not passed on, Things are just left it seems and nothing is done, New tenancies seem to be sign and get in and very little help with information on fixtures like boilers or whether there are keys for the gas meter etc. It was agreed some time ago that information on Twynham Residents Association be put in the Welcome pack. I have reports that this is slipping by the way.  A lot of the disruption is being blamed on the restructuring of THA but they should be professionals and why should the tenant suffer.


  • 16/01/2004   Hi there, I decided that MSN Groups were giving us a lousy amount of space so I transfered over to Tripod who give us ample for what we want and they let us do more things, except have a forum so why not use both I though and here we are. The Forums hosted by MSN and the site Hosted by Tripod. Got to put up with ads though as its part of the deal.


  • 30/09/2003    Not a lot to say except that we were pleased with the turnout at the AGM of the TRA. We now have a new chair in the form of Ellen Annetts who is widely known for her work on other forums in the area.